Monday, November 18, 2013

If only it had snowed today....

     I have self-inflicted crossed-eyes tonight, but it was soooo worth it! My darling husband (DH) announced this morning, and I quote "I'll take [Real Life Little] to school today. That way you can, you know, finish whatever all THIS is...." lol, me thinks he has had enough of my "temporary" craft mess taking over my kitchen. Ha!

     Shrugging off his disdain for my tiny (ok, not tiny) creative process, I jumped at the opportunity to stay in my jammies and finish my sweet little Christmas tree. Wooohoooo! Today was the day! Time to decorate!  So I made me some cocoa, added tiny snowballs (marshmallows), and cranked up the Christmas tunes on Pandora... it was time to get to work.

     Some of the trimmings, ornaments, and star were salvaged from my tiny Christmas tree past, a couple ornaments were new to me but had been purchased ages ago when my mom found them on one of her mini-hunts, and I made the tiny candy canes and satin trimming.

     Today was a day that required little caffeine (no shaking allowed) and a daddy to entertain my RLL.  Wooo baby! It was fun, but intense (it takes alot out of you to focus and glue that many little treats onto a yummy little tree.)

     And so, without further adieu, I present to you a Bless-ed Little Tree, complete (almost) in all her glory!  May it honor the One this wonderful holiday is all about. <3

This picture just doesn't do the detail justice! SOO much went onto this tree!

A touch closer to see the detail. I am making just a few more candy canes to make her extra sweet!
    And there you have the beginning of my Christmas Season!  I am so grateful I had this project today... it really helped me put my itch to get out my RL tree to rest, at least until after we have turkey and pie. :0)

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