About me & how it all began

I am so excited to start my very own Dollhouse Miniature Enthusiast blog!! I can't wait to share some of my ideas and projects with you. First, let me tell you a little about myself.
            My name is Traci and I have been a tiny collector since I was 11 years old. It all started when we took our family vacation to Seattle, Washington and on the way stopped at an amazing little German town called Leavenworth.  There, in a little basement store, I stumbled onto a hobby that would become my heart's tiniest desire! Alpen Haus introduced me to the world of tiny, and I spent the rest of our visit begging my parents to let me go back to look at the miniatures in that store.  
Apparently, my mom and dad took notice that I was somewhat obsessed, and so for my eleventh birthday gift that year I was allowed to bring home my very own kit! I remember spending forever picking out which house I would bring home.  I finally settled on a wonderful little Greenleaf kit, the Westville House.
And so began a two-year build that my Mom and I completed together.  The closest mini store near us was an hour and a half away from my town.  Ann's Dollhouse is no longer open, but it was the sweetest little mini store where my mom and I learned building techniques, picked out wallpaper, carpet, furniture, ooo'ed and ahh'ed over adorable accessories, and just plain ole had fun!  Lol, my dad always brought a book for the trips to Ann's, for he knew it was not going to be a quick "drop-in" visit.  Thank goodness Ann's was in the same town as my big sister's college, it made it much easier to convince mom and dad to go for a weekend trip when we had TWO really good excuses to get in the car. ;)
I have to admit, I didn't help with the actual building that much. As mini builders know, they can be quite complicated and always very delicate, so it was best that I played the roll as cheerleader and assistant (also known as human clamp).  I did have little hands, so those came in handy when my mom needed me to reach in hold something while the glue dried.  It was so much fun building that house together!  
            The Westville only had four rooms, plus an attic.  My mom and I decided that we wanted to divide the largest upstairs room to make a nursery and a bathroom, which is what we did.  
After the construction was complete, my mom and I set out to make my little house “home”.  Ohhh, the sweet little things that fill my dollhouse walls!! The most precious of which came from the loving hands of my mom herself.  It brings tears to my eyes to look at all of the special, sweet touches she made for my house and me.  She is has always been a talented artist, crafter and sewer, and her skills are evident all throughout the walls of my littlest home.  She sewed curtains, designed wall décor, made pillows and bedspreads, and so much more.  Each little room has a little bit of my mom present.  It is truly what I love the most about my first tiny house!  
Many moons later, my little dollhouse has made a cross-country journey literally from coast to coast.  It remained in storage (gasp) for quite a few years, and finally, finally after too much time for this enthusiast to endure, I am able to display my prized possession for others to share!  
My sweet little four-year-old daughter adores my dollhouse almost as much as I do, and I look forward to sharing in the experience of building her first home someday.  
And so, the tradition will go on.  Another little enthusiast will share in the excitement of all things tiny, and the hours of sharing the joy together will fill another daughter with so much love that she can’t help but smile at the memories when she sees her own amazing little house!

Dedicated to my Mom, with love.  Thank you Mema. :o)
On display

Front of house (fall decoration)
Back of house




Bedroom hope chest detail

Bedroom dresser drawer detail
Living room


Kitchen table detail


  1. I love your story and all the love that has gone into your little house.

  2. Your story is beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing it and sharing pictures of this fantastic dollhouse! I too look forward to build my own mini house one day and hope that my baby daughter will like doing it with me as well :)