Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow! Is it really 2014?!

I first need to apologize... it feels like a whirlwind of time and space has elapsed before my eyes, I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while.  I pray that your Christmas and Holiday season were as fruitful and blessed as ours. :0)

My temporary hiatus was far from "relaxing" as it was all in part to some very chaotic events.  I had some family emergencies (all is well now), Christmas vacations back West, Holiday parties to plan, new career ventures to start, miniatures for my etsy shop to make...the list could go on. BUT NOW,  finally, some time to blog and catch up! Whew!

So, as I long ago promised, I wanted to share some of the treasures I was fortunate enough to get via a live, IN PERSON swap with miniaturist Jane.   How excited we both were to learn that we were local enough to meet in person!  So we picked a half way point and met up at a library to discuss all things tiny.  Lol, we got "shushed" by the librarian more than once...we were VERY excited to meet!!

Jane is an extremely talented miniaturist.  Her little works are pieces of art.  It was such a privilege to not only get to take home some of her tiny creations, but to ask her questions and learn about her techniques.  She truly spoiled me rotten! (and I'm not complaining!!) :0) These are just a few of my very favorites, but I have more that I will share when I begin blogging about the progress of my Warehouse Market project (more details later).

These little sweets were added to my favorite little home, and they add, yet again, a dimension of reality that just warms my heart.

Can you even stand how adorable this little mouse is?!?  That face!  She hand crafted this little guy from a mold she had made of an orginal she had painstakingly sculpted.  I cannot get over the detail and the beautiful colors that make him look so real. 

This week he has a special little place hiding in my attic by the holiday decorations.  My daughter loves to find his attic hiding spots as it has now become a game of hide and seek.  Mommy hides the mouse, my Little finds the mouse. :0)


And these candles!  I feel in love with these drippy candles when I was admiring Jane's tree house. If you have not seen it, you must! It is one of the most fascinating mini-artworks I have ever seen... and my goal is to see it in person this year. (hint, hint Jane, lol).  These are also handmade of polymer, with just the right amount of detail to make each unique.  Those little wicks just gets me!

As I mentioned, this was just a drop in the bucket of what Jane can do.  It was one of my favorite days ever! There is NOTHING quite as fun as chatting up the tiny with others who appreciate and love it as much (or more) than you do.

Most importantly, I now am blessed to have a new friend in life! :0) I can't wait for our next meet up, and am hoping it gets to happen soon.  Maybe this time we'll be able to chat without being shushed!! (Lol, NOT likely!!)

If you haven't, please, please do yourself a favor and check out Jane's tiny blog by following the link on her name.  But be warned, you won't want to stop looking at all she has done!!! :0) Thank you Jane!!


  1. I am glad your busy trip went well, its good to be home and relax!

    I do have to correct you on the mouse though, that one is just a molded mouse not mine ;) but thanks for the confidence!

    I will have to give you a flocked mouse of my own to make up for the confusion on our next slightly quieter meetup ;)

    hugs Js

  2. Jane, are you SURE you didn't make that mouse? lol, you are absolutely talented enough to have done so! :0) Thank you for the correction.
    I can't wait to see you soon!!