Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Passing along the craze...

     It is with great joy I share my post with you all today! Here is our story:

     When I had my swap date with miniaturist Jane she told me of a wonderful little find at Michael's Craft stores, Creatology's 3D pop out puzzles... in dollhouse form, for only 7 bucks each!! Needless to say, I drove immediately from our meet and greet to Michaels, only to be very disappointed. These fabulous little kits had been long since discontinued and no matter how many times I searched the aisles of the store, there was not even one little kit to bring home. *sigh* 

     Well, I tend to get a touch obsessive, and so I turned to the internet with a glimmer of hope (I mean what would be a better Christmas gift for my Real Life Little (RLL) than her own dollhouse to design, build, and play with?!)  Thankfully, a nice gal on Ebay had two of the kits, and had only marked the price up by one dollar, and so I said "sold!!!" and our little kits came in the mail the following week.  RLL opened her present and hung her mouth wide open saying, "for me Mommy? I get to have my own dollhouse like yours?" *awwwwwww!*

     And so a few weekends later, we sat down to begin our project together.  I do have to tell you that this was an exercise in patience for me... I tend to be a crafter-taker-over-er who wants to have all the control of making creative decisions (it's important to know your weaknesses...) BUT, I managed to swallow my instincts, and give the creative reigns over to my very precious and super creative four-year old.  SHE DID GREAT!!! I am so stinking proud of her, and I just know you will be too!

     She picked all the paint colors, did all of the interior painting herself (mom helped with the exterior paint per her instructions), decided which felt pieces to use for her carpets, made a plan of which little room would be which, made all of the pictures herself (with no input from Mom whatsoever), selected and placed the buttons for the stone walls, decided to add some sparkle to her roof and a beautiful flower, and my absolute favorite: made a clock for her house out of a big button, paper and markers.  She did this awesome little clock completely by herself!  I had no idea what she was making, but glue-and-scissors-and-markers-all-over later, she showed me the most magnificent wall clock "to go in my son's room, Mom." 

Her super awesome clock is on the left of the window.
Original artwork for the walls.

My Real Life Little (4 yrs) and her precious first dollhouse. :)

     And so, the craze continues into another generation.  She could hardly wait as we drove to the toy store to find the perfect little animals to go inside her new little house. We have yet to make furniture, but she has been very creative in improvising for the time being.  Last time I checked in her little house, she had socks for sleeping bags and craft poms for pillows.   She also insisted that I help her make super hero capes out of felt for her little family..."'cuz they are SUPER, mom!" *lol*

     Nothing gives this Momma greater joy than to see her sweet kiddo's mind think "mini."  It truly is wonderful to see this fulfilling and amazing hobby be passed down to our younger generations.  I hope that this is just the beginning of her tiny collection, and that we have many more wonderful experiences like this one to share together.  :)

Blessings to you all and thank you for taking the time to let me gloat! :)


  1. OMG!!!! Its the cutest house ever!!! You gals did a amazing job! I love the buttons and colors soooo beautiful!

    They discontinued the houses? That seems a real shame they were perfect little things, I wonder if they still make the furniture? I will have a look when I go up today ;)

    Wonderful job mom!

  2. Thank you so much!! Can you believe that they are gone? It makes me sad...they are such a sweet little find and I would have loved to stock up on them for projects and gifts to share with others. I did get one set of the furniture on ebay as well, but we'll have to tackle all of those little guys another weekend. *lol* This was a blast to do with her, but required some recouping time for mom's patience and living room coffee table... :0)
    Have fun at Michaels!!

  3. That's a very nice house! The color combination is darling and the accessories too! I can't believe I missed that one from Michael's :( Your daughter seems so proud of her creation and she should be! My boy is much older and he just can't finish any painting projects!

  4. Oh how sweet!! That has to be a lot of fun for you both!! I loved your wreath very nice. congratulations Traci on your bog and hope you'll stop by for a visit my blog

  5. Chris, thank you. I did check out your blog, what fun you have been having! :0) I am especially in love with those little board games from your friend... just awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. This is the cutest house ever!! I love the way your RLL decorated. She's so inventive and creative and I look forward to many more houses in her future!